This article explains the fundamentals of the rugby gear you will need if you want to play the sport. It will also answer some questions you may have about gear after watching a professional game. Finally, having knowledge about rugby gear may be useful when betting on rugby because there are a lot of ways a team can gain an advantage over the competition. While there are standards about gear, teams are trying to improve their performance by all means that are available to them, for example, experimenting with short sleeves versus long sleeves. When betting on rugby games, it can be advantageous to notice what the teams are doing and figuring out that some teams have an advantage not only when it comes to the strategy of the game and physical skills of the players, but also to other tools and factors available to them.

Rugby jerseys

Rugby jerseys can have short or long sleeves. Traditionally, a rugby jersey has a full collar. Typically, a rugby jersey is made out of thick cotton or synthetic fibre that allows the clothing to breathe more compared to other materials. If you are looking for a rugby jersey for yourself, remember that rugby involves tackling and binding, which is why you should look for a jersey that feels strong and sturdy and can handle some aggression. Most likely, your club will supply you with a jersey for game days but for practices, you will need to buy some jerseys yourself.

Rugby shorts

Similarly to rugby jerseys, rugby shorts need to be durable to be able to withstand aggressive games. Most rugby shorts come with pockets but there are also models that don’t have any pockets. Typically, you want shorts that can withstand punishment and are durable, yet at the same time, are fit enough not to give your opponents anything to hold on to.