People in the United States and Canada often call rugby American football without the pads. While this is not a good description of the sport, it does highlight one of its biggest advantages.

The advantage is that if you want to play this sport, you will not need to buy expensive pads, helmets and other gear that can break the bank. All you need is a playing jersey, shorts, a mouth guard, a ball, and cleats. You will also need something to carry all your rugby gear, which is why a strong and lightweight sports bag is a good idea. The bag should be large enough to carry all the items that are described above plus, a towel and a change of clothes.

Today, there are all kinds of sports bags in all sizes available in the stores. Look for a bag that’s bigger than your typical gym duffel bag. Once you buy it, you will realise why you needed a bigger bag. It will very quickly get stuffed to its full capacity. Also, try to get a bag that has a separate compartment for your valuables and a waterproof pouch for your smartphone or tablet. You also want a bag with a separate compartment for your muddy gear such as socks, shorts, and cleats.

Before you buy a bag on your own, see if your club or team has one for sale. Often, clubs order personalised bags that they later sell to members.

A ball is an important part of your gear. Rugby balls are oval. They typically have four panels and are made out of leather or strong synthetic materials. Some balls are designed especially for bad weather conditions and are easier to grip compared to other balls. The ball in youth sport is slightly smaller than the ball for adults.