Romsey RFC

In the year 2015, the club Romsey RFC was incorporated in the national England league. Since then, the team has shown great promise, and if it continues with this trend, it will soon top the league. It has gained a total of 13 sponsors. They are:

  • Robin Austin Surveyors
  • Myriad
  • Romsey Dental Care
  • Stroud School
  • Emersion Network Power
  • Ask About Mortgages
  • Active Freight
  • Affinage
  • Partridge of Hampshire
  • Flack Manor
  • AE Insurance Group
  • Sparks Commercial Services
  • Valley re Morals

The above companies have dedicated a part of their profits to support the local talent, and being part of the community. Their commitment to the league has helped the team become more competitive.


Rugby, as a game, is a fascinating sport to watch. The coordination and unorderly orderliness of the game is simply outstanding because there is so much tackling involved in the game. This sport has grown since it started in the 1830s, and was well established by the 1850s. Rules of the game were written around the year 1845 by students of the Rugby school, and this is where it got its name.

The game has changed a lot over the years. Several rules have been revised, and that has led to the formation of new unions. In 1886, the International Rugby Board was formed that governed the gameplay internationally. The name was changed in 2014 to World Rugby.

Betting in Rugby

Just like any other sports, fans and gamblers bet on this game. This is done mainly through betting sites where people will choose between the two teams participating. The odds of each team either winning or losing are usually placed on these websites. The best way to know which team to bet on is to either read the history of the team or being a die hard rugby fan. That way, you will know how each team plays and as such have a better chance at choosing a team to bet on. That way, you will know how each team plays and as such have a better chance at choosing a team to bet on. (insert) Before you place your bets remember to opt in for a sports betting bonus which could help boost your winnings! If you want to learn more about betting bonuses check out Unibet bonuses where you can gain a wealth of knowledge and be well informed before selecting the right bonus for you.